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Resolved Question: Country Duo Joey and Rory?

Is something happening to one of them, like illness? As portrayed in their video "when I'm gone"??

Resolved Question: Did you know that country music duo Joey & Rory have a new TV show?

Check this link for information about their new show on RFD-TV: ... BQ:: ... What is your favorite song by Joey + Rory?

Resolved Question: Country singers Joey and rory?

I was just wondering what joeys nationality is. Like what is her race. She kind of looks Native american, is she? Does anyone know? thanksss.

Resolved Question: What is your favorite Joey & Rory song?

What is your favorite Joey & Rory song? Mine is "Sweet Emmylou" you can listen to their songs here:

Resolved Question: Play the song by Joey & Rory?

Does anyone else love this song? I think it is so cute, and fun to sing along with. Your thoughts on it?

Resolved Question: Does anyone know joey feeks' real name from joey+rory?

or is it just joey? whats ur full name josphina? maybe?

Resolved Question: "Cheater Cheater" by Joey + Rory.?

Where can I download this song besides like Limewire or iTunes? Like for free. Anyone know a place? First one gets best answer. :]] Thanks yall!

Resolved Question: Rory and Joey What am I missing? Is there some story behind this commercial that I'm missing. I mean they're singing love songs that don't describe the person they love, and this is supposed to be funny or cute. I must be missing something...

Resolved Question: Joey and Rory...good or bad?

Okay, I hate country as much as the next person, but I love the duo 'Joey and Rory'. Does anyone else share my sentiments?

Resolved Question: Joey+Rory got a record deal?

I saw the show "Can you duet?" and Joey+Rory didn't win. Did they end up getting a record deal after all because I saw their new song "Cheater Cheater".

Resolved Question: Joey + Rory Song....?

Does anyone know where I can get the song Joey and Rory sing on the Overstock commercials for MySpace. PLEASE(: I'm looking for the one called If Not For You.

Resolved Question: I was wondering about the lyrics to a couple of Joey & Rory Songs are?

I was wondering if you could tell me what the right lyrics to Joey & Rory's song Boots. Also, I couldn't find the lyrics to there song loved the hell at all, what are they? Thanks a lot.

Resolved Question: Joey and Rory, anyone else find it odd?

I like Joey and Rory, they have such great chemistry.But I think it is odd that they have a single on the radio and a musice video out already and they didnt even win.More so I havnt heard or seen anything from the winning duet since the finale.I wou...

Resolved Question: Anyone hear the Joey & Rory song cheater cheater yet?

The ones from Can You Duet.Video is on CMT site. Traditonal country fans should like it.I was kind of suprised. But do you think country radio will play that one word that begins with H? Are they ready for that yet?

Resolved Question: Joey & Rory on Can You Duet?

If they are married, why are their last names different? Just curious.

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