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Open Question: Its a brain teaser?

Gauri and Kanishka just became friends with Kshipra, and they want to know when her birthday is. Kshipra gives them a list of 10 possible dates. January 15 16 19 February 17 18 March 14 16 April 14 15 17 Kshipra then tells Gauri and Kanishka sep...

Resolved Question: Somebody please tell me if I can get admission in DU(Delhi University)?

So, I'm a male, general category and not belonging to Delhi. My marks secured in CBSE are- English-98 Computer science-95 Chemistry-94 Mathematics-70 Physics-68 (optional) Physical Education-96. So I just want someone to please tell me if or not ca...

Resolved Question: I need Urgent help regarding a College or a University.Please help?

Hi, I am Kanishka from Srilanka and i was hoping of coming to UK for further studies.I am interested in Animation and Visual effects.But the Course fees are very high.I don't need a Degree. Even if its a HND or HNC its ok. Do you guys know any colle...

Resolved Question: Kanishka struck coins with images of Buddha, various Hindu deities, Greco-Roman deities, and portraits of.....?

Kanishka struck coins with images of Buddha, various Hindu deities, Greco-Roman deities, and portraits of himself. Which of the following was the model for these coins? a. Hellenistic coins b. Indus Valley coins c. Roman coins d. Chinese coins

Resolved Question: PHP quiz help 10 questions?

What type of Web page is used to present frequently changing information to visitors? Static. Server-side. Dynamic Client-side. # What Open Source Web server is used to implement a WAMP server? The Microsoft IIS server. The Apache server. The ...

Resolved Question: Are there good jobs for BCS.........?

Guys..... I am going to follow BCS (British Computer Society).....I want to know are there good jobs for that ?.......Is that a good idea to follow BCS.....? Any help will be appreciate

Resolved Question: What is a unique and good name for baby girl word is "ka"?

i sugest my baby girl name kanishka evary one like but that name for boy i need new name for my doughter word is only k

Resolved Question: December for India...?

Kanishka misfortune, qandahaar hi-jack, Gujrat Earth quake, Tsunami, Kargil Attack, Parliament Attack, Babri Masjid..... all happened in december and most of them in last week ... 3 more days to end this December

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