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Resolved Question: The Lightning Thief Book?

so i'm supposed to write a book report for school, and we had a list of books. i didn't read one really so i looked up a summary online (yeah, i know i shouldn't) for the lightning thief. we're supposed to choose 3 heroes in the story, and i have ann...

Resolved Question: Just one essay question on The Lightning Thief??ASAP???10 points?

In The Lightning Thief, explain the development of Percy's attitude and character throughout the book.?

Resolved Question: Lightning Thief Quiz? The Book?

1) Name 5 Characters and describe them 2) Describe Percy's Stepfather and mother. Describe them with 3 details. 4) Name 4 Gods and their powers 5) What is wrong with Mr.Dobbs and Grover

Resolved Question: Percy Jackson: the lightning thief?

Chapters 7-12 :: I need a summary! PLEASE! (:

Resolved Question: Twilight vs. Hunger Games vs. Lightning Thief?

Which is the best and which is the worst and why?

Resolved Question: What is a good book just like the lightning thief series?

i just finished the lightning thief series . now i want a book series that is even better. What book series should i read?

Resolved Question: The Lightning Thief: Quetions????!!?

The Lightning Thief: questions? plz explain in paragraphs.. pick one 1.did you make any predictions, if so how did they turn out...... 2. I was shocked/surprised when….. because 3. I think the character is/isn’t believable because… 4. If I...

Resolved Question: Can some one do a movie to book comparison about the lightning thief?

so i want a kind of detailed comparison about the lightning thief. i have a summer reading thing dew in a week and i was too lazy to read the book so i went to watch the movie some said it wasnt that detailed so yea.

Resolved Question: Percy Jackson .... Lightning thief?

While watching percy jackson and the lightning thief, I thought to myself that Medusa can only turn men into stone, and not women. So i thought I'd share my thoughts. Is this true? Or can she also turn women into stone?

Resolved Question: What was in the lightning thief book that wasn't in the movie?

i read half of the lightning thief book then saw the movie. from what i read there was alot missing in the movie, but what else wasn't in the movie that was in the book. was there something about ares?

Resolved Question: The movie The Lightning Thief?

I want to know a site I can watch the lightning thief on. I know its illegal, but I really want to see it and since their is just too much snow out here to go anywhere, I would really like to know where I could watch it! Please and Thank you!!! <3

Resolved Question: Peter jackson and the lightning thief books?

is peter jackson and the lightning thief a series of books? if they are, how many books? and what are they called.

Resolved Question: Question about the lightning thief ?

uhm what are the order of the books ? i heard theres 5 of them ? please tell me the title in the order . oh and who plays percy jackson in the movie of percy jackson and the olympians: lightning thief. please answer <3 no mean comments:(

Resolved Question: Why is the book titled The Lightning Thief?

Is it simply because sombody has stolen Zeus' lightning bolt? Is Percy the thief? I just need to know for a book project . . . due tomarrow . . . if you could help that would be amazing thanks!

Resolved Question: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Movie?

Is there going to be a movie based on the book, the Lightning thief by Rick Riordan? I have heard rumors about one, but I want to be sure. Also, will there be another movie for the next book, the sea of monsters, and so on?

Resolved Question: The lightning thief summary please?

can you summarize the lightning thief by rick riordan please? i read it last year but i forgot what its about and i have to write an essay on it. i need details or important things in the book too.. all i remember is some boy trying to find his dad ...

Resolved Question: Is "The Lightning Thief" book good?

give me your opinion of the book The Lightning Thief because i had read: city of bone worse book ever and twilighjt egh romatic-ish i had harry potter gahh awsome book ever and well i want something idk similar to harry potter anywho sooo please giv...

Resolved Question: The lightning thief movie?

the lightning thief movie will be coming out in a year, who will be the cast

Resolved Question: Books Like The Lightning Thief?

Does Anyone Know Any Books That Are Like The Lightning Thief? That are Funny And Also Exciting Like The Lightning Thief?

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