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Resolved Question: Metro pcs?

Will metro pcs let me have service with them even tho the phone is from t moblie

Resolved Question: Samsung note 3 flashed to metro pcs?

is it true that if you buy a phone from verizon lets say a note 3 it will come factory unlock? to use on a different carrier like metro pcs , i bought a verizon samsung note 3 but the mms wasn't working so i took it to a local cell phone repair shop ...

Resolved Question: Whats the number for metro pcs ?

Every single time someone calls and i don't pick up, it leaves a voice-mail but i don't know the password for it. So i have like 5 voice-mails and it keeps bothering me because i can't do anything about it. i want to reset my password and then make a...

Resolved Question: Which is better Metro pcs or Verzion...??!?

My dad pays for my bill,i have Verzion.But he will stop paying for it soon :/ I have no credit im only 16.So I have to get a pre paid phone (My moms credit is 5 something which is low) But I dont know if I should get Metro pcs or Verzion...? I just ...

Resolved Question: Should I get metro pcs ?

How many call(s) out of ten does metro drop ? 1-10 for their 4g speed And how many text(s) do u drop out of ten ? Thanks

Resolved Question: Does metro pcs have 3g?

I've been wondering, or did they just skip 3g and went straight to 4g? I want a new phone, and I've been looking at the LG Optimus and the Huawei ascend. I might just buy the tapout edition (ascend) because it has 2.2 operating system like the optimu...

Resolved Question: Planning on buying my first cell phone from metro pcs?

Gettin it cuz its cheap only 40 a month unlike tmobile an at&t i dont want a exspensive gadget just want a phonw wit camera an internet acess fo facebook an youtube...No blue tooth,music player,video chat wat eva the hell tat is......Any way i just w...

Resolved Question: Anyone have metro pcs?

well im almost 16 and since that service has no contract, i plan on getting it. Do you need to be 18 or do u need a parent signature or something. I don't want my parents controlling this. Because i plan on paying for it and because they won't anymor...

Resolved Question: T-mobile or Metro Pcs?

I'm with metro right now, and I'm getting sick of losing signal everytime I call someone. I plan on getting a phone with t mobile but I have some questions before I actually buy a phone with them.   What are some of the pros and cons of t mobile? S...

Resolved Question: Who ever has metro pcs answer please.?

-does metro pcs have prepaid plans? -if not how does the internet work> like does it come with the unlimited texting and calling plan? - is it a good company? bc i heard the you barely get service in some places.. -also so sidekicks work for metro...

Resolved Question: Im getiing Metro PC tomarrow?

I live in North NJ will i be able to get good service wats good and bad about metro pc?? wat phone should i get???

Resolved Question: What about metro pcs?

Does metro pcs have good service relative to its low cost?

Resolved Question: Metro pcs??

i heard that most sprint or verizon phones can be taken to a metro pcs this tru???

Resolved Question: Verizon or Metro Pcs?

I'm in LA.I currently have Verizon.. The service and all is great. but i'm paying to much for it. 60- 90 dollars a month. i only have 450 min a month . 500 txt ( Thatz 250 send and 250 to get) I'm in that "IN" plan so i have unlimited calls and txt ...

Resolved Question: Metro pcs?

what phones are the best to get? are samsung phones good? is the Samsung r410 Red (the one with the keyboard)a good phone to get? is the Samsung SCHr400 Purple a good one to get? i want it where i can do instant messaging, txt nd pic messaging, web b...

Resolved Question: Which Metro Pcs?


Resolved Question: Vonage versus metro pcs?

which phone company would u go with and y?

Resolved Question: Should I leave sprint pcs for metro pcs?

Sprint has been jerking me around for years. Everytime they add something to my plan I don't want and I take it off - my dang contract starts over! My two year contract is like going on year 5. Should I just pay the cancelation fees and find another ...

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