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Resolved Question: What happens if you send a direct deposit to someone else's Netspend Prepaid debit card?

My dad got my sister a prepaid MasterCard debit card from his job. He always like gives her whatever she wants but when I ask for something, he sais no because "your gonna be a man someday" I help out at school on weekends and I get $25 check a week...

Resolved Question: Help! direct deposit with netspend i was supposed to get my refund today,but their sayin they dnt have nothing?

When I went to file my taxes on feb 23 2013 everything was fine and I was to get my tax refund today march 7th. Me n my sis both filed on the same day and she got hers today. But I didn't ;( n she didn't use netspend like I am

Resolved Question: Why didn't I get my SSI Check today?

I get direct deposit on an Ace Elite Netspend Card I always get it on the 26th if there are 31 days in the month and on the 25th if there are 30, except when these dates are on the weekend then I get it on Monday, usually 12 pm or 3:30 pm except som...

Resolved Question: Will they process returns on sat and sun ?

Do they work weekends? Can DD be deposited on the weekends as well? I have netspend debit holds money goes on there immediately

Resolved Question: When are the 2010 tax refund checks being sent out?

And if they are sent on the 28th of Jan like the lady told me from the IRS when will it be deposited in my netspend account?

Resolved Question: Does netspend do direct deposits on saturday?

metabank said yesterday that my money would be sent on the next business day, does that mean today saturday or monday? the irs says i should have it by jan 31rst

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