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Resolved Question: When Pastor Melissa Scott Marries Paul Crouch Jr Will She Move Her TV Show To TBN?

Pastor Melissa Scott (former b-flick porn queen barbie bridges) has been dating paul crouch jr (from the religious channel TBN) will she move her failing TV empire to TBN? or would they take a show w/ such low rating and viewership.

Resolved Question: What Is The Big Secret Pastor Melissa Scott Will Announce On May23rd?

she has said she will announce something big on may 23rd and that most of her flock will leave because of it! I have heard she is going to announce her return to the porn industry (her former job "Barbie Bridges") and marry her boyfriend Paul Crouch ...

Resolved Question: Pastor melissa scott recently went to florida w/ her boyfriend paul crouch jr. shouldnt his kids come first?

I am a HUGE fan of mellster (thats my nick name for pastor melissa scott) I go to her church! it just seems lately her focus has been on her new boyfriend Paul Crouch Jr. he has several kids and is not even divorced. his father is very ill and yet th...

Resolved Question: Is Pastor Melissa Scott Sleeping With Randy White?

pastor melissa scott was flown down to florida on Paula Whites private jet and then sang at randy whites "withoutwalls" church he has said they spend time together in malibu. last week they were seen on a 3 day cruise from la to mexico. pastor meliss...

Resolved Question: Is Pastor Melissa Scott Dating Paul Crouch Jr?

pastor melissa scott and paul crouch jr have been spending weeks in Costa Rico and Florida. Now that melissa's husband is dead (DR GENE SCOTT) and paul crouch jr has dumped his wife are they now a item?

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