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Resolved Question: Home theater quiz! Help please!?

Some questions, need help. Answer which ones you can, I know it is pretty specific! 1. Which should last longer? A, ht pc. B. A receiver. C. A blu ray player. D. Speakers 2. Why should someone be seated for hearing the demo for audio? More relaxed...

Resolved Question: 1. What is the name for the parts of a picture that your eyes are drawn to?

1. What is the name for the parts of a picture that your eyes are drawn to? (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5) Asymmetrically balanced areas Highlight areas Areas of focus Framing 2. An image's resolution is measured ...

Resolved Question: Some photoshop questions?

1. What are the settings for the Unsharp mask filter, and what do they mean? 2. What is the jpeg format's reason for existence? 3. What is a Dedicated Layer, and how do you make one? 4. What are Color channels and Alpha channels? 5. What does the His...

Resolved Question: What are great apps for the iPod Touch?

Please suggest any that are FREE or $0.99. Apps I do have: FREE: Alarm Clock Calculator What's On? Area Code Text Free with Voice MiniNation FFM Twitter Text Now Backgrounds Doodle Buddy Photo Shop Express Text Pics Free TTR3 TTR4 T...

Resolved Question: What are the answers to "The Impossible Quiz" by Pixel for the ipod touch?

I really only need one answer for one specific question. The question where you have to ask what is this and it looks like a banana but that's not the right answer. Please help I'm gunna die if i dont figure it out

Resolved Question: Pixel Cube impossible quiz?

Anybody know what the answer is to the question 59 asking "what is this?" It LOOKS like 3 banannas, but I cannot figure the answer out. HELP PLEASE!!

Resolved Question: Ipod impossible quiz by pixel cube! HELP!!!!?

Im on this level where you have to finish this sentence: This game contains three secrets, look for all of them. i dont get what 2 do, so PLEASE help! thanks

Resolved Question: Digital Photography Words?

I'm trying to do a crossword and there's a few I can't figure out... 1. Mode of automatic exposure by which the photographer manually adjusts the aperture, and the camera adjusts the shutter speed accordingly to produce a normal exposure. (two word...

Resolved Question: Does the Sony Ericsson W995 support the same mp4 that is supported on the PSP?

I'm getting this phone soon and was just wondering whether the mp4s are the same since I have quite a few videos on my PSP that I would like to transfer across to my future phone... and see it play properly :D Thanks if you could help!

Resolved Question: Why doesn't a CPU run faster even though the letters are lower-cased?

It's a question on an online quiz that I am taking. I know the answer already, but why is it that? Each character is made up of 8 bits (1 byte). But there are more pixels in a capitalized letter, isn't there? Can somebody explain?

Resolved Question: Global pokedex plus validate answers help!!?

i need help with the global pokedex plus validate answer!! im new and u have to do this in order 2 post and i need the EXACT ANSWERS TO PAST!!!HELP THESE R D QUESTIONS: Validate your account To validate your account so that you may begin posting on ...

Resolved Question: What do these photoshop terms mean? 10pts best answer?

I have a quiz on this tomorrow and I can't find some of these definitions, so please help? What are some preset settings for JPG? What is websnap? Difference between interlaced and progressive? What is dither? That is all. Thanks. i've been googlin...

Resolved Question: Digital photography quiz, I need help?

1: To prove that photography was indeed an art, and not just a craft, photographers at first imitated the painting of the time. True False 2: The 35-mm camera by Oskar Barnack of the Ernst Leitz company was also known as the "candid" camera. Tr...

Resolved Question: Unbeatable Hangman words?

I need some unbeatable hangman words. Best Answer to person with the most legitmate (I decide that) words! Thanks =]]

Resolved Question: Any suggestions for a new digital camera?

im looking for one that i can use for myspace pictures. any good ones for a new camera user?

Resolved Question: Help me with this litle quiz heir please about computer stuf really easy but i need to be shure?

1. I'd rather take a photo of my Grandma with pixels than with vectors! Answer: True or False 2. If an image is 600x400, what is this image orientation? Choose one answer. a. Portrait b. Landscape c. 2400 pixels 3. Which has a low...

Resolved Question: Identify one region of the electromagnetic spectrum used by television and explain how it is used?

i really need the answer to this question quick cuz its a big homework that will be counted as a quiz. i could of answered the question my self but i was absent when they talked about it.

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