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Resolved Question: Is this company Preston Lord Ent. in Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 is it legit?

,It is a company that staples booklets to make money but you have to pay 99.00 dollars to make money

Resolved Question: Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises?

Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises? And please, no endorsements, just solid detailed info on how it works. Personal experience only.

Resolved Question: I've received 3 letters in 2 days from Preston Lord Enterprises....?

They charge $99 to get started in their business. I was always told if you have to pay for a work at home job, it is a scam. I fell for this with another company and sent them $69. I never received anything from the company and when I wrote the BB...

Resolved Question: Preston Lord Enterprises Mailing Special Letters?

Recieved a letter in the mail, need somebody who has actually applied for this to tell me if this is a scam or not, I don't want people who haven't done it telling me it's probably a scam, because I already know there's a possibility of it being a sc...

Resolved Question: Preston lord enterprises?

Preston Lord Enterprises, 5 Lyons Mall, Suite 777, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 Phone # 1-800-446-7419

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