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Resolved Question: What are some moped options that look like motorcycles or just look more sporty, that are under 50cc?

I want to find a moped that looks sporty, does not have pedals, and is under 50cc but can be modded to go faster. It needs to comply with North Carolina's definition of a "moped"

Resolved Question: Kymco People S 50 4t (scooter)?

ok, so i have had this scooter for 3 years now an i cant find any ways to take the governor off or the throttle restricter if there is one. me an my father in-law are looking for different ways to make it go faster so i figured i would start a thread...

Resolved Question: About scooters help zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

how do I increase the speed on a 59cc scooter, its top speed is 27mph, what can I do to increase the top speed how do I increase the speed on a 50cc scooter, its top speed is 27mph, what can I do to increase the top speed I have a 2009 Kymco 50cc sco...

Resolved Question: How to remove carb,governor on 07 kymco scooter?

The shop charges $150'00 but I need to learn about this scooter.

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