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Resolved Question: Do u luv u sum Sherm?

Personally i think he is a low life thug

Resolved Question: Does anyone here like smoking sherms more then middies or high grade bud?

I find it more euphoric and it lasts longer. I like to smoke it with Joseph Smith and Chatty Cathy once in a while although I like to smoke meth most out of any other drugs I use.

Resolved Question: What is sherm? The drug.?

What is a Sherm stick? Is it a cigarette dipped in formaldehyde?

Resolved Question: What is Sherm Stick? What is PCP?

I was watching COPS and they kept asking the guy about Sherm Stick and PCP. What is Sherm Stick, PCP?

Resolved Question: Smokin dope it's like a sherm high n*gg*z think they learned to fly?

Smokin dope it's like a sherm high n*gg*z think they learned to fly, but they burned muthaf*cka, you deserve to die !?

Resolved Question: What is a sherm in ancient hisotry?

what is a sherm in ancient history?

Resolved Question: Do sherm stick make you know the future?

i wonder if the drug sherm stick make you know the future? this is no gang sign it a peace sign you dumb *** get right

Resolved Question: Which BASEBALL PUBLIC ADDRESS ANNOUNCER did you like to hear "BOB SHEPPARD" or "SHERM FELLER"? I like Sherm Feller he is what I grew up on and I love his voice and delivery. Which baseball PA announcer do you prefer? There is no right or wrong to this question because t...

Resolved Question: Should i smoke Sherm?

if you dont know what that means cigaret or joint dipped in embalming fluid

Resolved Question: I am bored today. Should I start smoking P.C.P/ sherm?

would that kill the boredom? or should i keep asking retarded questions?

Resolved Question: My mate is addicted to sherm, is this a problem?

he is now saying he wants to take very high doses, what should i do?

Resolved Question: On an eposide of Cops, this guy was high on "sherm." I googled it and only found two websites?

I've never hear that word, so I looked it up and only found two things: and He was acting completely nuts. It was pretty funny, actually. My question is this: how ca...

Resolved Question: Sherm experience?

how does sherm make you feel? I know that it's embalming fluid and I only want that **** in my system after i'm dead and gone. So how exactly does it make you feel? what makes people want to smoke it in the first place?

Resolved Question: Watching Cops --- what is "Sherm" IDK if spelled?

idk IF SPELLED RIGHT....but they're talking about taking something called Sherm???? Never heard of it??? Evidently this guy was freaking out on it....what is it?

Resolved Question: Yo! where does sherm rank on dangerous drugs? they never talk about sherm u always here about crack and weed?

so what does that mean sherm isn't dangerous? that **** is a crazy as$ high wooo no! i got 1 more question what negative effects does sherm have on your body? and dnt say kills brains cells since that iz every GIRLS favorite thing to say (ANSWER ALL ...

Resolved Question: What is "sherm"?

I just read "I wouldn't F&@# NY's ashy a#$ with Pootie's %$#@ dipped in sherm!" So, what is sherm???? Could it also be a slang term for embalming fluid?

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