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Resolved Question: Trazodone and other antidepressant abuse?

My doctor prescribed me trazodone and It literally knocks me out for hours and hours. But it's the 17th most abused pill in America.. Why? All it does is make you sleep. I understand its also an antidepressant. But what "high" does it give you. Is it...

Resolved Question: Can you get high by snorting trazodone 50mg?

i'm not going to do it, if i wanted to get high id smoke weed. i don't want any lectures, this is just to prove a point to one of my friends. and if you do snort one what would it do?

Resolved Question: I snorted Trazodone yesterday and now I feel sick?

I know it was stupid, and I do not need any bizarre answers. But I was wondering if this has happened before. When snorting, I took in 100 Mg. Not all at once. I will not give out that information about how or whatever. It's been about a day, and I'm...

Resolved Question: What would happen if i snort 150mg of trazadone?

i take 300mg of it but just wanting to know any help would be appreciated

Resolved Question: So i snorted trazodone?

So I was with my friend and she noticed that I had a bottle of it (i'm prescribed 150mg for sleep issues) and she told me that if i snorted it I would get high. After she left, I snorted less than 50mg. Thinking it over now, it was a dumb idea. Will ...

Resolved Question: Can you get high off trazodone?

I got a couple trazodone 50mg and want to know if you can get high off them. Ive heard you can't cause they're just antidepressants, but I also heard you can snort them to get high, cause they make you sleepy and stuff but if you fight it, it makes y...

Resolved Question: Is snorting Trazodone similar to snorting an Opiate?

If i were to snort a Trazodone, would it be anything like an opiate high?

Resolved Question: Can u snort a trazodone?

Does it have recreational effects?

Resolved Question: Questions of trazodone abuse?

I recently discovered an unmarked pill bottle filled with various pills in my dads room One of which is trazodone, is trazodone a commonly abused pill? And if so how is it abused ? Snorted or swallowed?

Resolved Question: What happens if I chew or snort trazodone?

The warning label says not to chew it and my friend said it'll mess you up if you do. I just wanted to know what would happen cause I don't wanna try it and find out.

Resolved Question: Trazodone.? Is that possible to evn snort.? Does it get you high?

well. Im at my friends house tonite. & she said tommorow nite. we shuld snort some trazondone. i was like wtf. cos i nvr heard of ne1 doin that b4. so is it possible to get high of it?

Resolved Question: Can you snort Trazodone and will it make you high?

My sister is taking Trazodone for depression and she wants to know the answer to this. I think she's crazy but I dont want her to die if this is something that is super dangerous. She obviously knows that snorting pills is extremely bad but she says ...

Resolved Question: Has anyone ever snorted Trazodone?

Im wondering if anyone has tried it b4. i heard it can make you feel pretty good kinda drunk like feeling. And no side effects. Does it make you high?

Resolved Question: What happens if you snort Trazodone?

I've never thought about doing it...or done it. However, my friend has recently thought of doing so. He's one of those "experimental" people. I told him that he shouldn't do it, but if he was going to regardless to at least wait while I did a little ...

Resolved Question: Has anyone ever crushed and snorted trazodone?

I think my kid is stealing them and doing this, and I was wondering what to look for in him. Like side effects and the such. Also, any problem side effects that may happen tha I can tell him to get him to refrain from doing this.

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