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Resolved Question: RHH: Your Yeezus stand-out song?

BQ: Have you seen the movie Warrior?

Resolved Question: One Night Stand song?

I can't find this song anywhere or who it is by... I'm so high geeked out my mind, girl youre sexy damn youre fine, aint trying to be rude, dont want to waste your time, i need a one night stand, if you dont mind...pretty sure that's the lyrics...Hel...

Resolved Question: One night stand song?

There's this song I heard on the radio a few days ago and it almost sounded like The Far East Movement or The Cataracts. The only lines that I can remember are " I see you over there. I'm not tryin to be your man. One night stand." It's not the Lil J...

Resolved Question: Songs you absolutely cannot stand?

I absolutely cannot stand Cher's "Believe"

Resolved Question: I can't stand songs if I hear them constantly. How about you?

When I was little, I remember my sister always watching Annie because her class was doing a play for it. Then she loved Grease and The Sound of Music. I couldn't stand to watch these movies for a while. I'm not a big musical fan now. Lately, she'...

Resolved Question: Help with one night stand song?

i was just listening to the radio, and this new song came on, with a dance kind of beat. it goes like this: all i wanted was a one night stand. i need help to figure out what this song is called?

Resolved Question: One Night Stand song?

So I was in Plato's Closet, and they played a song that would repeat "one night stand" in the beginning and end, I think they listen to 95.7, but I haven't been able to find the song. It is not by "Exit This Side". But does anyone know what it cou...

Resolved Question: What are some songs you absolutely cannot stand?

The one song I absolutely cannot stand is Bruce Willis's "Respect Yourself"

Resolved Question: Songs you cannot stand?

What are some of the songs you cannot stand?

Resolved Question: 80s songs you cannot stand?

What are some of the 80s songs you cannot stand?

Resolved Question: Some of the Eighties songs you cannot stand?

What are some of the Eighties songs you cannot stand?

Resolved Question: Stand Up to cancer song?

i just saw like 20 girls on stage singing one song i waz like wow and i saw miley cyrus i was like woah but can someone name all of the people who were in this song it would be great to have last names if possible becuz i kno most of the first name...

Resolved Question: The song Just Stand up?

what is the order of singers in the song just stand up?

Resolved Question: Just stand up song with 15 amazing singers?

has anyone else heard that song? It has beyonce mariah carey keyshia cole miley cyrus mary j blige rihanna fergie sheryl crow carrie underwood leona lewis melissa etheridge natasha beddingfield Leann Rimes Ashanti Ciara I really like it and i thin...

Resolved Question: Name the Still Standing intro song

does anyone know the name of the still standing song, it goes.... you can read me baby like an open book, stop me dead in my tracks after just one look now when the lights go down, and when it comes to me and you girl oh you turn me inside out, I'm s...

Resolved Question: Songs you cannot stand?

What are some songs you cannot stand?

Resolved Question: Songs you cannot stand?

What are some songs you cannot stand listening to or you despise with a passion?

Resolved Question: Was Mull in Kentyre a stand alone song?

The only place i ever found this song was on their greatest hits. Was this part of another?

Resolved Question: Stand by you song?

i heard this song on the radio..some of the lyrics are like this "darling, darling, ill stand by you now", and its not the pretenders because a man was singing..i reaally like the song, but cant seem to find it anywhere! help please!!

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