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Resolved Question: Does the actress susan sarandon sign autographs for fans?

i,m just wondering and does she have a official website

Resolved Question: Why is Susan Sarandon who is 66, talking about life changes at 40?

There is a new commercial spot where Susan Sarandon says" life at 40 is not what is was at 20". She is 66. She was 40 some 26 years ago. What relevance does this commercial message have ??

Resolved Question: Why are people so upset with Susan Sarandon?

I've just seen about the 5th article about what Susan Sarandon said about the Pope: why is this even news?

Resolved Question: Didn't Susan Sarandon get that memo on civility from the DNC?

Susan Sarandon Under Fire From Catholic, Jewish Groups for Calling Pope Benedict a 'Nazi'

Resolved Question: Why is Susan Sarandon calling the Pope a "Nazi"?

Did she feel compelled to mouth off because she is an actress? She wants to gain acceptance with the radical Leftists that inhabit Hollywierd? Why did Sean Penn pop off about the Tea Party? Or that Henry Belafonte saying Cain was a "bad man, a rotten...

Resolved Question: Why did Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict a "Nazi"? I Know of his youth but it doesn' t mean his is Nazi now, does it?

Resolved Question: Why did Susan Sarandon calls Pope A Nazi?

Why did Susan Sarandon calls Pope A Nazi ? What's this ? Is this freedom of expression! I really don't understand this statement !

Resolved Question: Susan Sarandons first movie?

Susan Sarandons first staring role in a movie

Resolved Question: Happy 64th birthday today to Susan Dead Man Walking her best movie?

Dead Man Walking is the only one of her movies she won a Best Actress Academy Award is this her best film role?

Resolved Question: Susan Sarandon.......?

I thought this was kinda weird. I was talking to my friend about a movie Susan Sarandon is in and I mentioned her, but they didn't know who she was. Mind you, they aren't really into hollywood or celebrities in general. I just found it weird cause mo...

Resolved Question: Susan sarandon movies!help me please!?

ive been looking for this movie that she was in. she and this blonde woman are fighting over this man and they drink something and become some how immortal.the point of the movie is that i know a scene where she gets a huge hole in her stomach and fa...

Resolved Question: How can you Connect Susan Sarandon to Jodi Foster?

Connect Susan Sarandon to Jodi Foster with a line of celebrates in which they have stared with in movies. wrong, wrong! not shows, movies and its not Kevin Bacon! Very good mrs_g! I got a very long one! I had Susan Sarandon stared in Noel with Penelo...

Resolved Question: Can you believe it? Will Susan Sarandon really do that to us?

Is your heart *gasp* almost as broken as mine that Susan Sarandon threatened to move out of the United States if John McCain got elected? How ginormous is her ego? Like I and the rest of the country *cares* if she leaves. I know it's hard for her ...

Resolved Question: Susan Sarandon made the comment that if John McCain wins the presidency,?

will she move to the same place Alec Baldwin moved to??....and why is she holding America hostage like this? Does she not know that if she leaves America will fall apart because one of our elite, priceless actors left? Why is she doing this????? W...

Resolved Question: Who cares about SUSAN SARANDON?

When she said she moved to Italy or Canada heck I waved her off if she leaves. Its seems to be popular to do this when Bush won they didn't leave.

Resolved Question: Who's making reservations for Susan Sarandon?

Susan Sarandon says if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. I believe Alec Baldwin said the same think about come he didn't keep his word?

Resolved Question: Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts?

Would it be fair to say 61-year-old Susan Sarandon looks "tired all the time" compared to 40-year-old Julia Roberts? This was the reasoning of a recent best answer.

Resolved Question: What is Kevin Costner's quote to Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham? Something about "I believe in long wet kisses

Kevin Costner recites this to Susan Sarandon in the scene when she is "choosing" between Crash & Meat. He says this long quote to her about what he believes as he is getting ready to leave. She responds, "Oh my". He says something about he no long...

Resolved Question: Who was susan sarandon's first husband?

Who is susan sarandon's daughter eva father

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