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Resolved Question: Which name is funnier, Whoopi or Swoosie ?

Whoopi Goldberg Swoosie Kurtz What kind of names are these?!!

Resolved Question: Name of this movie??

I believe it was a lifetime movie! Something like justice for yvonne or something! Its about 3 sisters and one dies very young because of abuse from the stepmother! The story is told from the older sisters point of view! The movie is like a flashback...

Resolved Question: What's the name of this movie?

The movie about stepmother and three sisters. Two sisters accuse their stepmother of murdering their younger sister. Stepmother in childhood ridiculed them (beat, extinguished cigarettes), as a result of the younger girl had died. The sisters couldn'...

Resolved Question: What's this movie called?

I remember watching a movie a long time ago, like between 1999-2002. I remember some of it..It must have been taken place around the 50's or 60's. It was about a mother (or aunt) with those old timey Cat eye glasses (i think they were red), i think s...

Resolved Question: Lifetime Movie?!?!? PLEASE HELP?

So I very long time ago I watched this lifetime movie. It was about gosh 5 years ago maybe. Im not sure but it was on lifetime and it was about this mother who had daughters and she is very mean to them. She actually killed one of the younger ones an...

Resolved Question: Help! Trying to find a movie that has 2 kids in an attic travel to a land and lock a queen in a mirror room?

I know it's not narnia (I love that movie) this is a movie that would have been late 80s perhaps even early 90s but all I remember is 2 kids go in an attic and end up in a magical land I think they find a wizard in a cave (maybe Merlin?) who helps th...

Resolved Question: Whats the movie called where the two girls testify against their stepmother years after she causes the...?

i watched a movie a long time ago that was about two sisters who testified against their stepmother years after she caused the death of their baby sister that was ruled an accident. does anyone know the name?? Thank you Tammy!!!

Resolved Question: Whats the name of that lifetime movie where the stepmom shook the little sister and dropped her & she died?

and the sisters grew up and tried to sue her? Ive been trying to remember this title for a long time and cant think of it.

Resolved Question: I need the name of this lifetime movie?

One of them is when the step-mom killed the younger sister by shaking her or something and then years later the two old sisters who watched the stepmom do that wanted to get her in trouble for it so they go to a judge and everything.

Resolved Question: Name of that movie(i think it started with a d)?

hey anyone know the name of that movie that had this couple and i think they was trying to get back at this old lady because they dont like her or something i think it was suppose to be a comedy movie

Resolved Question: What is your favourite Goldie Hawn Film?

My fave has to be Bird on a Wire, she is so hilarious in it! Love Housesitter and Overboard 2! By the way that meant Overboard too!

Resolved Question: Who were the women who played on the "Sisters", the TV show.One was Sela Ward I think,but who were the others

This was a show about these sisters and their families. It was very intertaining,so un like so many of the shows that we are forced to watch in todays market. I wish it would be shown again on the cable channels like some of the other older shows

Resolved Question: What's the name of this movie?

okay so i don't really remember anything about it except one of the main characters name is sebastian he was in his teens there was a new girl and his step sis bet she wouldn't sleep with him a white chick was going out with this black dude I w...

Resolved Question: Cant remember ..........?

this movie. Okay in it there was a family a man and a wife and their son. And the wife was cheating on the man wife either her student or his. Well the husband finds out and asks her to stop afte rthis big argument and all. So the man the ife wa...

Resolved Question: What's the name of that Lifetime movie?

about the girl that is in gymnastics and and she has an eating disorder? I would like to know, Thanks

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