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Resolved Question: Did real princess or Royal people exist in America?

Okay like almost over the world at one point or another there existed princesses ,kings, queens, you know.Any way I just wanted to know if any princesses or royal bloodlines ever existed in America.If not then where are the locations of the non speci...

Resolved Question: Do You Think Alexander III of Macedon (The Great) Is Overrated?

Do you think Alexander III of Macedon is one of the most overrated generals in all of history world wide? For example, we can start with field tactics. Alexander have showed lack of ability in conducting ambushes or the least, setting them up and exe...


Hello. I am looking for a boyfriend. I live in a very rural, closed minded area. They are practically NO gay men, where i live. I can't join a dating site, because i am not 18. I feel like i will never meet anybody. I see alot of people happy, and wi...

Resolved Question: Does the "hetero is normal because hetero-sex only gives kids and is thus beneficial" really hold true today ?

today when the world population is exploding exponentially , do we reallly need more people coming and choking up already choked up limited resources we have ! On the contrary , gays can marry and adopt kids orphans who don't have parents ! It kill...

Resolved Question: What role does natural selection play in gay people?

When I see young heterosexual people gathering and enjoying themselves I see this as natural selection: but how does natural selection apply to young exclusively gay or lesbian people? We have been around as long as our straight brothers and sisters ...

Resolved Question: What did the framers of the constitution feel they needed to be guaranteed by the first ten amendments?

explain why aome of the framers of the constitution felt the rights of individuals needed to be guaranteed by the first ten amendments?

Resolved Question: Because most homosexuals are futile?

I would like to know some gay people who are important to society, they do important things ?

Resolved Question: I need opinions on names for my son?

My boyfriend, Ian, and I have having a little boy and we need your opinions on our names. We have different names that we like. I love the name Baron Alexander while he really wants Brayden Owen. Baron Alexander OR Brayden Owen Can you think of a...

Resolved Question: Good nonfiction book to read for school?

Im in 8th grade and i have to do a book report on a nonfiction book, and i need hep on finding a good nonfiction book to read thats interesting... Any recomandations? And can u give a little explanation wat the book would b about? thanks :)

Resolved Question: Theories on homosexuality as an act of deviance?

What sociological theories can analyse why homosexuality is seen by others as an act of deviance?

Resolved Question: If conservatives are so patriotic and so intelligent, can they answer these questions about our history?

Conservatives are quick to claim the mantle of patriotism and condemn liberals as un-american. Here are some simple questions about American history and the Founding Fathers. If conservatives know so much about these topics, these questions should b...

Resolved Question: Boys name help? Character names?

Okay, so I'm writing a story that's basically a fantasy/fairytale-ish type story. Anyway, I need a name for a Prince. The Prince isn't the love interest but the protagonist's older brother. He's a fairy and in line for the throne. You are here to h...

Resolved Question: Where does the surname Robertson come from?

I am a robertson and i am wondering were the family surname comes from and what the name means, i have aksed my family they have no knowledge of my it. I mean't country of origin history of the family

Resolved Question: I really need help with history. Please, please, please.?

I know that 20 questions seems like a lot and you might think I'm trying to get others do do my work for me, but I'm not and I am really struggling with my AP history class, if you could please help me I would really apreciate it, my grade depends on...

Resolved Question: I heard my friend talking about "gay people" and I asked him what he meant?

He told me "gay people" are people who sleep with someone of the same sex. I couldn't believe that something like that actually happens, so I came here to ask you guys, Are there people who are like that? I mean, are there men who have sex with other...

Resolved Question: Can someone give me a story review of The Man who knew too much?

It is by Alexander Baron..not the Alfred Hitchcock movie

Resolved Question: Who are some of the greatest fighters?

in the history of war not generals fighters like the red baron.achilles.vasily zaytsev a russian sniper in world war 2 please give me a list of at least 5.

Resolved Question: How would you grade the NBA off-season so far?

I posted this awhile ago: I left some teams off, but today, finished the list, and updated a few teams:

Resolved Question: History hw help!!!?

ok so i have soooo much history hw right now and i just realized it is all due tomorrow!-yea i know i am a procrastanator but anyway one of the papers is on somone called the red baron its during ww1 and im supposed to find out : *his birthplace *abo...

Resolved Question: Do you have quotations about health?

pls answer immediately because it is my homework for tuesday...............plsssssssss........because i don't know about health quotations..........plssssssssssssss................ thank you for advance if you answer my question.....................

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