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Resolved Question: Where can I find this short story?

It's called "The Carnival" by Michael Fedo and I was wondering if it was online anywhere. Thanks! Also "Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair" by Frederik Pohl I figure they may be online since they are short stories. Thanks, I figured that it may be il...

Resolved Question: In High School we had to read a story about a Dark Carnival, does anyone know the name or where to find it?

The story involved a teenager who won some kind of lottery and boarded a bus to the dark carnival and it talked about riding the rides and dieing. It was something I read in High School and was speaking to my husband about and wanted to share it with...

Resolved Question: Need Help!! Short Story: The Carnival?

Ok, I'm doing a test and need a few answers, you don't have to answer the question completely, but what should I be looking for and talking about. I couldn't find anything on the internet. 1.) Describe Jerry's character. 2.) What is the mood in the ...

Resolved Question: Title of a short story?

I can't remember the title of a short story. Hear are the details. It is about a world that is over populated. To solve this there is a "carnival" that travels from town too town. However anybody who gets an invite to the "carnival" is killed at the ...

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