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Resolved Question: Time travel...?

I heard a lot of people talk about time travel, but is it possible to go to the future or PAST? when is it possible to time travel? And can we change anything if we time travel?

Resolved Question: Time travel????????

If you could time travel what time would you travel to

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Can anyone give me information about time travel? Or give me a good website on everything about it? Thanks

Resolved Question: What is time-travel ?

how to time travel ? how it feels like to time-travel ? has anybody ever done it before ? thank

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Is it possible to travel back in time Einstein thought so, what do you think. Please answer intelligently...

Resolved Question: Time travel?

do you think humans can time travel? how and have we ever been close into doing so? how does this go into religon also.

Resolved Question: Time travel?

If time travel will ever be possible where are all the tourists from the future.......

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Do you believe in time travel? Does a future and past exist somewhere while we are in the present?

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Do you believe that Time Travel is possible, or is it does the subject just make for a good movie ? [ now where DID I park the De Lorean ? ]

Resolved Question: Time travel?

do you think it will ever be possible to travel through time dr who style?or similar.

Resolved Question: Time travel?

if time travel is possible, wouldnt we know about it already........? wouldnt we have known about it forever?

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Is time travel realistic? Why? Why not?

Resolved Question: Time travel?

what is negative energy and negative mass? And how can they be used to time travel?

Resolved Question: Time travel......?

Who are the famous scientists who tried to mathematically prove time travel is possible? How exactly did they try to prove it?

Resolved Question: Time Travel???

is it possible to go back or forward in time? also if you were to travel faster than the speed of light would time freeze or slow down? if someone were to try this would it work? SEROUIS ANSWERS PLEASE

Resolved Question: Time travel?

how is time travel possible? i gota go back to 1955 lol

Resolved Question: Time Travelling?

Is it fictitious or not ?? The time travelling either back in time or forward in time??

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

If we gained the ability to travel in time, would it be too dangerous to use because of the chance of altering the future??

Resolved Question: Time Travel?

Is time travel into the past more probable then time travel into the future do to electron probability? If you do not know where the electron is going to be, how could you travel into the future? Thoughts anyone?

Resolved Question: Time travel?

Is there anyone who really believes time travel is possible? :) Please explain.

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