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Resolved Question: What s your favorite movie?

I want to watch a good movie with my friends, but have no ideas. :/

Resolved Question: Name Suggestions?

Hello! I plan on purchasing a Border Collie puppy soon! I'm not too good with names so I need your help! Now I'm not set on a particular puppy yet but I have an idea of what I want and I'll try to give as much detail as I can. Ok so, the puppy is goi...

Resolved Question: Good names for a boerboel?

What are some good names for larger breeds

Resolved Question: Name for a male Italian greyhound?

other dogs are: Ash the chocolate Labrador (male) Indie the German shepherd pup (female) Male name for an Italian greyhound that would go nicely with these?

Resolved Question: What should we name our puppy?

He is a two week old German Shepherd. The only name I have right now is Onyx. What do you think?? Here's a pic :)

Resolved Question: Who is the Author of SNL (Saturday night live) ????

i am doing a report on snl and i can not find who writes the script i have googled it looked on the site and i couldnt find it someone help me please

Resolved Question: Could someone please give me a list of dog names?

I am getting a dog at some point from now until the end of next year.I would like to know names. I do not know if it is going to be a boy or a girl.

Resolved Question: What basketball player is this?

There is a basketball player that the author Tucker Max refers to as the "The Wolf" in one of his stories and says he can't give his identity away and only gives this hint to his identity " “TheWolf,” has played big time college and professional ...

Resolved Question: Cute female dog names? help?

Female boxer, very playful!!! I want a cute name, here are some i have come up with so far: Juneau(pronounced Juno) Mojito (nickname Mo Mo) Symba Any ideas? Thanks

Resolved Question: What are good dogs names? is cece a good name?

cece is a good or bad name i need some ideas

Resolved Question: What are some female mini pincher namess?

Were getting her Thursday and it's ok Guy names. Work too

Resolved Question: What last name should I use?

I don't like to use my last name on Facebook or in informal settings, so I have 'Max' as a placeholder right now, but I'd like one that I didn't steal from Tucker Max. Currently on my list to let my friends vote on are: Grey, Wolf, and Cronic. What o...

Resolved Question: Need help with boy dog names.?

My friend got a 6 week old puppy that 1/2 dotson (mom) & 1/2 jack rusell (dad).. Shes hoping the dog will not get very big but we'll see I guess any ways its color brown with a little black does anyone one have good name suggestions? She is hoping fo...

Resolved Question: Need help thinking of a name for our puppy!?

we are getting a puppy tomorrow and I need some Ideas for names... we were originally going to get a girl puppy and had a name pick but we missed the boat and are getting a boy instead, he is a black and white staffy x boxer :-)

Resolved Question: Need Help Choosing a name for my pomeranian puppy?

I just bought a 7 week old, wolf sable colored pomeranian and I am having trouble choosing a name for it. Here is a little info about him so far: its a boy, he loves to climb and he is very playful. I know its not much to go off of but any advice on ...

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