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Resolved Question: What ever happened to Kristina Hancock sportscaster from WDIV?

She used to do sports on the weekends, and started to do some small news stories... She was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Resolved Question: Is Karen Drew from WDIV Pregnant?

I've notice Karen Drew getting a little thicker, wondering is she pregnant

Resolved Question: What happen to Ama Daetz of wdiv detroit?

I thought she was a anchor, I seem to can't find her on no news slots, have she left.

Resolved Question: What Is Your Favorite TV News Outlet?


Resolved Question: Rhonda Walker news reporter on WDIV Detroit news - looks different/weird on evening news?!?!?

Is is just me, or does she look really odd and different now that she's on the evening news (instead of morning show)? Did she get any work done? Or is the makeup artist on the evening show just really bad??

Resolved Question: Does anyone know what happened to Fred McLeod, the Sportscaster from WDIV Detroit?

My husband and his buddies are wondering what happened to Fred McLeod. Has anyone seen him on another network? Thanks, I'd love to surprise him with the answer!

Resolved Question: How can I get WDIV-TV from Michigan to the U.K. HELP ME PLEASE?

I am wanting to see my two soaps Days of our lives and passions. I want to know who I can get in touch with to get it. ty

Resolved Question: Rhonda Walker WDIV News in Detroit?

Does anyone know what happened to Rhonda Walker, news anchor on Channel 4 News in Detroit? She has not been on air for several weeks now.

Resolved Question: Detroit Newswatchers!!! (WDIV)?

What happened to Frank Turner? Did he quit?

Resolved Question: Does anyone have the clues for the Detroit Fox2 News WDIV Wedding of a lifetime??

Hi, I'm Bev and I am currently engaged to my best friend Chris. We have been long time friends for over 12 years and are truly in love. We have been engaged for nearly a year and have been slowly saving money for our wedding! The fox network and it's...

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