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Resolved Question: I have a gold wedding ring set stamped NV 6.?

This 3 piece jacket wedding ring set looks so real. It is stamped NV 6 only. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Resolved Question: Fallout NV Dead Money quote explanation?

Anyone beaten Dead Money expansion? What does the quote: "Finding it isnt the hard part, its letting go" mean?

Resolved Question: What does the letter G mean stamped in my vintage silver ring?

its a silver ring with a clear stone, and has the letters mv nv

Resolved Question: Ok heres the question I work with all female bartenders in Henderson, NV, and I'm barbacking, my boss asked...?

To learn on the job training on pouring drinks, and ringing the register I didn't hesitate to say yes, so I was training and doing very well on slinging drinks and ringing the register came a little slower b/c of an old system... out of the blue he a...

Resolved Question: Is this ring real gold?!?!?!?

I bought this ring from avon, I bought it for $160, I was tryin to find out how many karats it is, I looked on the inside of the ring and their is a stamp but Im not sure what it means!!! On one side it says 10, it doesnt have a K after it it says ju...

Resolved Question: The Bottom of my Ring has NV On the bottom, What does this mean?

I bought a ring a while back It has real Diamonds In it about 10 Small Diamonds in it, But on the bottom of it, it says NV can you please tell me what this means? Does this mean the Diamonds are fake or something like that?

Resolved Question: Am I out of line for wanting to sue my EX GIRLFRIEND for an engagement ring?'s the deal. I gave an ex g-friend an engagement ring about a year and a half ago in HI where we lived. We had a child, things didnt work out, moved back to the states and have been involved in a custody battle ever since. I finally was a...

Resolved Question: Bought a 2nd hand LML NV-Spl (150 cc vespa).........Need Advice Please?

Hi all, this is Sami from Bangladesh. I am a two wheeler fan (mainly motorcycles...have 1, will buy more soon) and bought a LmL NV last month. initially it was just to collect. however, the scooter is serving me in many ways lately. its a second han...

Resolved Question: Best camcorder for me?

I need a camcorder to film a small comedy documentary type of thing. It's not a big deal jsut somehing fun. I need the camcorder to be able to hook up to the pc and be decently priced since I'm not ready to spend alot.

Resolved Question: Weight loss pills called NV has anyone used them?

If you have doid it work or is it working? They are the pills with Carmen Electra as a spokesperson.....

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