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Resolved Question: What names are dated in your opinion?

Sometimes people take old fashioned names as out dated, but that's not always the case. In your opinion, what names are actually out dated?

Resolved Question: Is bill Adam actually Kara's dad?

I was watching the show on Netflix and I was just wondering

Resolved Question: Old antique vase with W A L, who's the manufacturer?

My mum who is in her 60s has a vase that belonged to her grandmother but don't know who made it. Underneath it has a W A L in a triangle with a & sign in the middle. Any one have an idea who made it???

Resolved Question: Where Can I Find My Last Name's Heritage? Adams?

I am trying to find the origin and heritage of my last name. It is Adams.

Resolved Question: Name some religious events during the presidency of John Quincy Adams to Franklin Pierce?

Give the dates and religious events from John Quincy Adam's presidency to Franklin Pierce's presidency? Mainly 1825-1857. Not expecting all but some. I need at least one for each president. (Total of 9 presidents) So, give at least some...Thank you t...

Resolved Question: Lesbians, gays and bi`s, would you date these people?

Serena Williams Pamela Anderson Lindsay Lohan Sarah Palin Dolly Parton Kelly Osbourne Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Adam Lambert Jerry Springer Ozzy Osbourne My list: Yes, she would dominate me Yess, she`s so hot YES, she`s hot and she`s person...

Resolved Question: Bangert family, Adams co, Ill?

you guys smashed one brick wall for me today.. while the iron is hot... the wife of James L Wilson was Lily/Lillian Katherine Bangert. Looks like her birth was 1890, marriage in Adams co in 1913. I'm wagering she is descended from Johann Konrathe Ban...

Resolved Question: TV Shows in the 60's?

I need you guys to list as many as possible for me so I can look them up. I'm doing this for a school project. Thanks :) Could you also please put the MOST POPULAR TV shows in the 60's? Thanks :)

Resolved Question: How many Governing Body members Jehovah's Witnesses have had to date?

How many Presidents they had before they started to have Governing Body members?

Resolved Question: Did william shakespeare die on his birthday?

its just that my english teacher told me and i was very shocked :O

Resolved Question: Top boys names of 1983 (US)?

Here's the top boys names of 1983; finally seeing some changes in the most popular boys names, lol. Same as the other games; pick your fav from each pair and, as always, have fun :-) Michael --or-- Timothy Christopher --or-- Richard Matthew --or-- J...

Resolved Question: If You Could Date Anyone In The Academy Is ?

Who Would It Be And Why Singer-William Beckett Bass-Adam T Siska Lead Guitar-Michael Guy Chislett Guitar-Mike Carden Drums-The Butcher

Resolved Question: I need help with my U.S History Project. I need the first letter in the LAST name of a leader before 1877.?

I need to create a 26 page ABC book. I need a first letter in the LAST name of each person all the way to Z. The date has to be upto 1877 of the history of the person.Please helpppp.

Resolved Question: Adam smith?

how did adam smith and mercantilists veiw the earths resources?

Resolved Question: Robin Williams, 10 best movies?

I love Robin Williams and his approach and life he brings to any role he plays, but was wondering what are his top 10 movies yet? I haven't seen a lot of his movies, so a little help plz? - Thanx in advance

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