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Resolved Question: Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell?

Help solve the fight I'm having with the hubs. Which one is funnier? oh no! You guys are siding with the hubs! I was thinking Will Ferrell is funnier

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell Singing?

This is bugging me. In Bewitched Will F. sings a song maybe about halfway through where he plays air guitar and it's really funny. He makes guitar noises and I really would love to know the name of the song or even better- a link to the video of it.

Resolved Question: SNL skit with Will Ferrell?

I remember watching an SNL skit with Will Ferrell playing the keyboard in it. He and this other lady were doing this medley of songs which they put the theme of tax into it (I think they played H&R Block workers?) Like they sang Taxman by the Beatles...

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell autograph?

DO you think if I send photos of Ricky Bobby and Buddy the elf to his home address he will sign them?

Resolved Question: Man vs. wild will ferrell?

when is the man vs wild episode with will ferrell showing?

Resolved Question: What is so funny about Will Ferrell?

I think he's annoying as Hell. I tried to watch Anchorman today. I didn't even get through the credits. That guy SUCKS!

Resolved Question: Will ferrell .................?

I was wondering is will ferrell swedish or just his wife?

Resolved Question: Step Brothers song with Will Ferrell?

What is the song that Will Ferrell sings at the very end of the movie in front of all the people?

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell's Ballsack?

In stepbrothers is that his real balls? lol cuz i know he would do that but they were big and stretchy.

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn?

Who cracks you up more, if any?

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell?

I'm going crazy! I can't find a Will Ferrell skit that aired on SNL may 14th 2005--Oracle. He sings it to the tune of "Gloria" funny stuff, I assure you. Anyway! If anyone can find this skit online, I'm having absolutely no luck. Please don't po...

Resolved Question: Is will ferrell funny?

I honestly think he is funny. Does anyone agree or disagree.

Resolved Question: Will ferrell or Vince Vaughn?

Will or Vince Who is funnier and what is your favorite movie from both I cant decide which is funnier but my fav is wedding crashers and old school. Is anyone going to see the movie nick claus i think its called with vince vaughn. Havent heard of any...

Resolved Question: Who thinks Will Ferrells comedy?

style is forced! Dont you feel like he kinda tries to hard and trys to force you to laugh? Who is your favourite comedian at the moment? Mines Steve Carel!

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell or Tom Cruise?

I want your oppinion on this (PERSONALY...... I like Will Ferrell better then Tom Cruise because tom is just a tool and will has made more good movies then bad movies) but I think you should say why you like that acter better and top 5 favourite mov...

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell?

Does anyone not find Will Ferrell funny? The only thing I laughed at him in was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and that was almost 5 years ago. Bear with me cause I don't find Jim Carrey funny either. BTW I have saw pretty much all his films and I do...

Resolved Question: Will Ferrell at his best?

Okay so Will Ferrell is hilarious not an opinion but fact *lol* I love him as the church guy that sings with his wife on SNL but I also love him in the movie Elf. Out of all his skits and movies wich one is your favorite? Okay soooo I didn't ask a...

Resolved Question: Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell....?

Who would win a Ancient Rome Gladiator style fight if Vince had the standard sword, shield and helmet outfit, and Mr Ferrell had the net with the 3 pronged pitch fork and the armour up the fork arm? Have a Nice day now!

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