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Welcome to NeatAnswers, where you can easily get information about things you are interested in.

Put in a search term above and click Search or use any menu button and we will deliver to you a variety of Answers, Articles, Blogs, News, Q&A Results, etc...

And for Students, we have selections particularly meeting your needs, including Country lookups for background information and other helpful resources.

Even more, for everyone's convenience, we offer a META Search area, where any search you want can be populated and brought to 16 popular sites

TIPS FOR USE: Once you search, click the Prev and Next buttons to flip through 4 or so pages without waiting for a page refresh. Click any red button to change answer types.

On the META Search page, click the "Generate Links" button after you have entered a new search term. Include any quote marks and so forth that you want for complex searches.


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