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Jihad Rehab Program To Get Second Participant

A young man from Minnesota, arrested for planning to help ISIS, is likely to be the second man in an emerging de-radicalization program. It could help him get his life back on track.

North Dakota Residents Weather Downturn In Commodity Prices

North Dakota's fortunes have taken an abrupt turn for the worse. The state was recently a destination for thousands of people seeking a better life and high paying jobs in the Bakken oil field. But oil prices have fallen nearly 70 percent, along with agriculture prices. NPR reports on how residents are handling the sudden downturn.

">Former heroin addict loses court bid over treatment centre cuts
Belfast Telegraph
Mr Justice Treacy said: "This is an example of a case where a rational decision has been reached by a lawful process." The court heard Mr Boyle started using drugs as a teenager and became addicted to heroin after leaving school at 18. Following a ...

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'Deadpool' Is a Potty-Mouthed Splatterfest. A Really Funny One

NPR film critic Bob Mondello says Deadpool goes in deep on its R rating — and has plenty of fun doing it.

Tyrone man accused of 'brutalising and terrifying' his girlfriend is barred from entering her street
Belfast Telegraph
Mr Justice Treacy was told the woman has since indicated she will not make a formal statement of complaint. Defence counsel argued that the lack of evidence seriously weakened the case against his client. Granting bail, the judge banned Biakecki from ...

'Touched With Fire' Is Dedicated To Great Art, But Isn't Great Art

The drama stars Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby as artists hospitalized with bipolar disorder and struggles in its exploration of the link, if one exists, between their work and their illness.

Irish Independent

A Glimpse Into The Future In 'Mountains May Depart'

Chinese writer-director Jia Zhangke follows his characters from 1999 all the way forward to 2025, where a sun-bleached tomorrowland threatens alienation from tradition.

Irish Independent

A Family Fixer Struggles To Stay Afloat In 'Glassland'

Irish writer-director Gerard Barrett gets fine performances from Jack Reynor and Toni Collette in this story of a young man who bears the burden of caring for his alcoholic mother.

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund daily donor list
... Gayle & Ron Collins, $100, in memory of Brent Collins; Claire Colvin, $100; Isabella Crowell, $50; James Cunningham, $250; Meg Cupman, in honor of Ed Cupman; Mary & Jon Dale, $250; Mary Jane Dean, $1,500; Diane G. Dibble, $100, in memory of my ...

'Zoolander 2' Can't Quite Walk The Walk-Off Anymore

It's not hard to believe Zoolander 2 suffers from plot problems, but even beyond that, it can't find the rhythm with its gags at the expense of fashion, either.

Irish Independent

Johnny Depp Stars As Donald Trump (Yep, You Read That Right)

The online comedy outfit Funny or Die has created a fake made-for-TV movie based on Trump's 1987 best-selling business advice book, The Art of the Deal.

Irish Independent

South Carolina Democratic Chair On How Candidates Can Appeal To Black Voters

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, about the upcoming primaries in his state.

Irish Independent

Mexican City Gets Makeover Just In Time For Pope Visit

The city of Ecatepec, Mexico, got a makeover just in time for the Pope Francis' visit, which will undoubtedly show the schism between Francis' progressive church and Mexico's conservative hierarchy.

Irish Independent

South Carolina Voters Likely To Play Major Role In Sorting Out GOP Race

The next big Republican primary is just over a week from now in South Carolina, which has a strong track record for picking the eventual winner. The state also has a history of dirty politics.

Physicist Reacts To Discovery Of Gravitational Waves

For Cal Tech scientist Yanbei Chen, the announcement of the discovery of gravitational waves wasn't a surprise. He first heard the news in September, but had to keep it secret for months.

NATO Ships To Crack Down On Migrant Smuggling Networks

NATO is sending warships to patrol the waters between Turkey and the Greek islands, hoping to stop the activities of smugglers moving migrants into Europe. But those smugglers almost never leave the Turkish coast, and many people in Greece see the move as a public relations exercise aimed at assuaging German public opinion.

Global Markets Slide As Fed Chair Janet Yellen Briefs Congress

Stock markets around the world were down again Thursday. In the U.S., the Dow and the S&P were down about 2 percent at mid-day. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is on Capitol Hill briefing lawmakers, and the price of oil slipped below $27 a barrel.

More Than 40 Prison Guards Indicted In Georgia On Drug Trafficking Charges

Authorities in Georgia indicted more than 40 prison guards. They're accused of drug trafficking and accepting bribes.

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