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Fighting In Syria Intensifies Ahead Of Proposed Truce

Turkey is shelling Kurdish forces in Syria. Russia is waging air strikes to bolster an advance by Bashar Assad's government. Prospects for a truce aren't looking good.

7 Things To Know About Presidential Appointments To The Supreme Court

Republicans are adamant they will stop anyone President Obama names to replace for Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. It's possible Obama's nominee would face the longest wait in history for a vote.

The 'Necessity' Of Animal Research Does Not Mean It's Ethical

Whether you think animal research is justified or not, we should all want to expand the options for alternatives, says guest blogger and bioethicist Samual Garner.

Who Are The Possible Candidates To Fill Scalia's Seat?

Any pick by President Obama is sure to touch off a tough confirmation fight. But who will be at the center of the fray? Here are a few likely candidates.

Could A Vial Of Bono's Tears End Poverty? In This Card Game, It Can

Frustrated aid workers can find laughter and solace in Jaded Aid, which pokes fun at the bureaucratic business of global development.

West Point Students' Plan To Counter ISIS Online Strategy

The State Department sponsored a contest to find the best ways to combat ISIS propaganda online. A group of cadets from West Point got second prize. Rachel Martin speaks with team member CJ Drew.

Clinton And Sanders Fight To Win Black Voters In South Carolina

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton tout their support among African-Americans. Rachel Martin speaks with NPR's Sam Sanders about who might have the leg up in the upcoming South Carolina primary.

Alternative Love Songs From The Teenage Tragedy Vault

If Valentines aren't your thing, we have a selection of love songs from the 50s and 60s to keep you sane. Writer and critic Colin Fleming takes us inside the teenage tragedy genre.

Take One Letter Away, And Here's A Puzzle To Marry Two Words All Day

In this week's puzzle, change one letter of each word and rearrange the result to get a new word that can follow it, to complete a common two-word phrase.

English Football's Rising Team

Roger Bennett of NBC's "Men in Blazers" gives Rachel Martin the lowdown on a good underdog story, that of Britain's Leicester City football club.

Backlash After Referee Bans Traditional Navajo Hairstyle

A hairstyle set off a firestorm at a recent Arizona high school basketball game. The referee told Flagstaff's Lady Eagles they couldn't wear traditional Navajo buns. KJZZ's Laurel Morales reports.

OK Go Drops New Zero-Gravity Video

OK Go is masterful at coming up with creative, complex music videos. They filmed their newest video in zero gravity. Rachel Martin talks with the band's Damian Kulash and his sister, Trish Sie.

GOP Debate: Scalia's Vacancy; Trump Puts Jeb On The Defense

Republicans let loose on each other in last night's South Carolina debate. Rachel Martin asks NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson about it.

Hats Off To A Tale Of Good Sportsmanship

Rachel Martin pauses to note a story from a New Jersey swim meet. It's about good sportsmanship and losing gracefully.

Parsing the SCOTUS Confirmation Process

Because it's a presidential election year, should President Obama not nominate a new Supreme Court justice? Rachel Martin and NPR justice correspondent Carrie Johnson discuss.

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