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Did Angie And Michael Ballard Have A Baby In The News!

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Indianapolis Star

Indianapolis Star

Latest council-mayor spat could threaten Indy's credit rating
Indianapolis Star
The drama between the lame duck Ballard administration and the City-County Council seems stuck on repeat. And taxpayers, by and large, have been left scratching their heads. The latest flashpoint over police money was a move by the mayor to shore up ...

'Full Throttle Saloon': It's a baby girl!
Emillie (yes, the spelling is correct) Grace Lynn Ballard made her appearance on Sunday, March 30 and proud Papa, Michael Ballard, and Momma, Angie Ballard, couldn't be happier. According to the Facebook post the baby was born at 11:08 P.M. and ...

'Full Throttle Saloon' biker baby due date and first images shared
Michael and Angie Ballard do not know they sex of the baby as they have chosen to wait until delivery and be surprised. Jesse Dupree, Michaels's long-time friend and the front man for Jackyl, has said that he was present at a sonogram and that he ...

'Full Throttle Saloon' Will biker baby be Emily Lynn or Jesse? (spoiler alert)
On Monday night's, December 16, episode of “Full Throttle Saloon,” aired on TruTV at 10 P.M. ET, the long awaited baby was confirmed by doctors. Michael and Angie Ballard are pregnant! Michael and Angie have suffered some disappointments in the past ...

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