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Did Angie And Michael Ballard Have A Baby In The News!

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'Full Throttle Saloon': It's a baby girl!
Emillie (yes, the spelling is correct) Grace Lynn Ballard made her appearance on Sunday, March 30 and proud Papa, Michael Ballard, and Momma, Angie Ballard, couldn't be happier. ... Angie Ballard will likely want to enjoy some down time at home with ...

Greyhound Racing
Irish Independent
335 – Nobodys Baby, Camlin College, Sophies Charm, Ridgedale Calvin, Sourhill Pearl, Poacher Dempsey. 525 – Killacolla Babe, Adamant Stream, Hi Brolly, Last Request, Sticky Nikki, Whitemount Dawn. 335 – Knocknaheeny Boy, You Are Right, ...

Lauren Holly On 'Motive' Season 2 And Spicing Up The Procedural
Huffington Post Canada
Will you be getting to do more of that as the season progresses? ... The nice thing about adding the Mark character is that it seems like it helps provide an opportunity to deepen Betty's relationship with Angie, which we also get to see more of this ...

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