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What's Good For The Heart Is Good For The Brain

Choosing a heart-healthy lifestyle can help protect your brain as you age, research suggests. And it's not just memory skills that benefit. Problem solving abilities and judgement are preserved, too.

Parquet Courts On World Cafe

The band's typical brand of intensely loose guitar rock shines on its latest album, Human Performance.

">"Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine" Wins Daytime Emmy
Shepard's brutal murder sparked a national conversation about anti-gay hate crimes and inspired the award-winning play The Laramie Project. The tireless advocacy of Matthew's parents, Dennis and Judy Shepard, led to the passage of the Matthew Shepard ...

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Leicester City: From Last Place To England's Likely Soccer Champion

One of the greatest underdog stories in sports history is small-town Leicester's bid for the championship of England's Premier League — the world's richest and most-watched soccer league.

Silver Foxes Of The Silver Age: The 'Golden Guys' Of Comic Book Movies
In 1970 West was offered the role as another cinematic legend - to play James Bond in Cubby Broccoli's Diamonds Are Forever. West's autobiography revealed that he turned ... A figurehead of gay rights, he is a co-founder of LGBT group Stonewall as well ...

Every Party But The Real One: A Night Chasing The #WHCD

Washington's biggest night has gotten big because of all the parties happening around the main event. A weekend of nerd prom excess could be seen as D.C. at its worst, or D.C. at its best.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Crowds Gather In Los Angeles For May Day Immigrants' Rights March

Leslie Berestein Rojas of Southern California Public Radio has an update on the annual May Day march for immigrant rights. The march comes after Donald Trump visited the state, sparking protests.

Bleacher Report

Nate Robinson: 'I'm One of the Greatest Short Guys to Ever Play the Game'
Bleacher Report
Nate Robinson is many things: an NBA veteran, a three-time Slam Dunk Contest champion, the donkey to Glen "Big Baby" Davis' Shrek. Someday soon, Robinson still believes he'll be one more thing: an NFL player. But that day isn't today. Today, Robinson ...

Words You'll Hear: Gentrification

This week is the 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs, who resisted gentrification in New York and became a respected thinker on urban planning. Author Roberta Brandes Gratz talks about Jacobs' legacy.


From Tahrir To Tiananmen, 'City Squares' Can't Escape Their History

Governments have tried to erase the evidence of some squares' troubled pasts, but that doesn't mean they've been forgotten. A new book gathers writers' thoughts about famous squares around the world.

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'Becoming Wise' Is A Meditation On Meaning

On Being host Krista Tippett talks about her new book Becoming Wise, which explores what she has learned from a career discussing faith, science and spirituality.

Houston Chronicle

Anti-War Activist Daniel Berrigan Dies

Father Daniel Berrigan rose to national attention as one of a group of Catholic activists who were arrested for burning draft cards in 1968.

The 14 Gayest Moments In Game Show History
Long before sassy gay men were a staple of mainstream television, Lynde was queering up the small screen on Bewitched and Hollywood Squares, where he could fling gay innuendo in front of millions of Americans. Once, when asked “Why do the Hells ...

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Still Has Us Talking

People have talked about the lyrical themes of Beyoncé's visual album. But's Emilee Lindner says the music too is notable for its blend of genres, and it sets an example for other musicians.

The Double Life of Peter Arno, The New Yorker's Most Influential Carto
Vanity Fair
“Our pathfinder artist,” editor Harold Ross called him, equal in Ross's eyes to James Thurber and E. B. White and Helen Hokinson in defining his magazine's voice and style. With a sexually charged wit .... His circle, dubbed “the lower element of ...

10 Years After Immigration Protests, What Has Changed?

Jose Antonio Vargas of Define American, Fermin Vasquez of the SEIU and Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies discuss the legacy of 10 years of activism for immigration reform.

Protesters Storm Iraq Parliament

Shia protesters stormed into the heavily fortified Green Zone Saturday, many of them demanding an end to corruption. The BBC's Ahmed Maher has an update from Baghdad.

Who's Behind The Demonstrators That Stormed Iraq's Green Zone And Parliament?

The demonstrators are mostly supporters of fiery Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who has had a fraught relationship with the U.S. They're calling for the government to follow through on its promises.

Daniel Berrigan, Activist Jesuit Priest Who Opposed Vietnam War, Dies

Berrigan became emblematic of the opposition to U.S. involvement in Vietnam. He served time in jail for an audacious act of civil disobedience.

Malia Obama Will Attend Harvard, White House Says

She's going to take a gap year and begin at Harvard during fall 2017, according to a statement from the First Lady's office.

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