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">Butler Finalizes $30M Deal With A's
Valley News
At issue is a consulting agreement that Corey Howard entered into with RJH Enterprises to manage his brother's affairs. When Ryan Howard moved to terminate the agreement, effective in July 2013, his brother sued. Ryan Howard, a St. Louis native, then ...

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SaintPetersBlog (blog)

Gov. Scott announces four judicial and eleven board appointments
SaintPetersBlog (blog)
Kenneth “Justin” Lord, 34, of Fort Lauderdale, is president and chief executive officer of Central Broward Construction. He fills a vacant ... Charles “Preston” Sparkman, 58, of Plant City, is vice president of sales with Quality Precast Company. He ...

">'Gotham' recap, 'Viper'
Baltimore Sun
When Bruce asked serious questions about Wayne Enterprises, she talked to him like he's a 5-year-old. “Your family created a company worth billions and billions of dollars! How awesome is that?!” Totes awesome, Ms. Mathis. She cut the patronizing tone ...

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Vanity Fair

There's Something Going On In L.A.
TechCrunch (blog)
In the last month alone (not captured in the $1.5 billion 2013 figure), there have been massive financings at Honest Company ($70 million), JustFab ($85 million), ZipRecruiter ($63 million) and whatever figure (lord only knows how much) Snapchat has ...

Lebanon Lot Over Tunnel Still in Use
Valley News
The city is working to “balance safety interests and try to help keep the mall and occupants carrying on commercial enterprises,” he said. He warned that taking immediate steps that have not been properly considered “could do more harm than we do good.”.

Real estate transfers
Roanoke Times
Orton, John W. and Simone J. Orton to Todd A. Wichman and Kelly G. Wichman, 2644 Robin Hood Road S.E. Roanoke VA 24014, $355,000 08/01/2014. Rescue Mission of Roanoke Inc. to JETR LLC, 3425 Orange Ave. N.E. Roanoke VA 24012, $425,000 ...

Gas 2.0

Would You Drive An ELF?
Gas 2.0
I'm a firm believer that what you drive says something about you as a person, though stereotypes may vary. It can't be denied though that people can, and will judge you based on your mode of transportation. Acknowledging that, what would your friends ...


Work-from-home offers are usually scams
That outfit was reportedly Preston Lord Enterprises in Basking Ridge, N.J.. Given that many people remain desperate to make extra cash, it never hurts to throw a bucket of reality on some too-hot-to-believe promises. Did you spot the trick phrase in ...

Contact 6 exposes work-from-home
For a fee, a company called Preston Lord Enterprises sends envelopes, letters and mailing labels to paying participants – like Joan. She would then get paid for doing what's known as “envelope stuffing”, then sending them out through the mail ...

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