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As The Water Crisis Continues, Flint's Superintendent Looks Forward

While the damage from lead in Flint's water is not yet known, even low levels can be harmful to children. The Michigan city's superintendent of schools says he's bracing for an uncertain future.

Clinton Gets Back In The Game After Blowout Loss To Sanders In N.H.

Bernie Sanders had moments in Milwaukee guaranteed to make his core supporters ecstatic, but he did not dominate the evening as one might expect the 22-point winner of the first primary to do.

Albany Times Union

Toronto, from what's new to classics
Albany Times Union
The 6ix, referring to the city's six jurisdictions, is just one of several nicknames for Canada's largest city and financial hub, along with T-dot, Toranna and Toronto the Good. And don't ... AGO Friday Nights feature guest speakers, wine and more. The ...

Astronaut 'Graffiti' Seen for The First Time In Decades

The crew of Apollo 11 drew a calendar on the wall of their command module, as well as a tribute to the spacecraft, and numbers and other information jotted down from mission control communications.

The World Has Become A Bit Dull To News From Syria, Miliband Says

A preliminary deal is reached for a cease-fire in Syria that's cost thousands of lives and sparked a refugee crisis. David Greene talks to David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee.

Don't Be A Stupid Cupid! Hear How Not To Buy A Selfish Valentine's Day Gift

Social scientists have been studying Valentine's Day gifts, and research shows: The more you love someone, the more likely you might be to give selfish gifts.

13 Signs That Your Roomie is Your One True Love
Living with roomies is always fun. There's so much to laugh about and share when you are living with like-minded people, of your age, mostly. But with certain roomies, it becomes something special. It blooms beyond the roomie stage, past the BFF stage ...

Marvel's New Superhero Movie 'Deadpool' Receives R Rating

Mary Louise Kelly talks to MTV pop culture writer Crystal Bell about the new movie Deadpool, and how it reaches an audience unusual for comic book films.

The Indian Express

Fantastic February festivals celebrated around the world
The Indian Express
Rang Mahotsav, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhubaneshwar (till Feb 21): Rang Mahotsav is the annual theatre festival organised by the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD) — that has given us some beloved names like ...

Major Powers Agree To Implement A Cease-Fire In Syria

Foreign ministers — including the U.S. and Russia — meeting in Munich agreed to "accelerate" the delivery of humanitarian aid this week to Syria. They also agreed a cease-fire would begin in one week.

Bucks Local News

Stars become bosom buddies in ActorsNET production of 'Leading Ladies' at the Heritage Center in Morrisville
Bucks Local News
Max and Steve are shortened nicknames for Maxine and Stephanie! Greedier than they are smart, the two don women's ... This show combines mayhem akin to the Marx Brothers with the zaniness of such classic films as Some Like It Hot, Tootsie and Mrs ...

Why The Contradiction? Stocks Fall While Unemployment Claims Are Down

David Greene talks to economist Mohamed El-Erian, chairman of President Obama's Global Development Council, about recent turmoil in the stock market despite good employment numbers.

Industrial Park Is A Pawn In Korea Relations

Tensions between North and South Korea over the North's nuclear and missile tests shut down a joint industrial park. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Anna Fifield of The Washington Post.

Ask the Judge: Nothing good happens after 10 pm
Billings Gazette
Some time ago I had a case that showed the undesirable underbelly of our community. ... Journey writes in the terrific song: “Don't Stop Believing” about “the small town girl” taking the “midnight train going anywhere … a smell of wine and cheap ...

As Black Holes Collide, Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves

Scientists have seen gravitational ripples from two black holes colliding. The discovery is the culmination of decades of work. Albert Einstein first predicted such ripples should exist a century ago.

Food, Wine and Interior Design
She has earned many nicknames such as “The Paint Whisperer,” “The Paint Doctor,” “The Paint Guru,” and “The Paint Wizard” among others because she has helped thousands of local homeowners successfully choose colors they love for their homes and ...

Sanders, Clinton Take The Stage In Milwaukee For Their 6th Debate

After Bernie Sanders' N.H.primary win, he was reaching out to minority voters who make up a larger segment of the electorate in upcoming contests. Hillary Clinton was trying to regain her footing.

During Wildlife Refuge Occupation, FBI Exercised 'Strategic Patience'

Court documents and an NPR interview with one of the arrested occupiers tell a story of federal agents biding their time, collecting evidence against the group occupying the refuge in Oregon.

As Questions Swirl, Italy Mourns Death Of Italian Student In Cairo

A funeral is being held Friday in Italy for Giulio Regeni, a doctoral student allegedly tortured and killed in Egypt. Thousands have demanded an independent probe into Regeni's death.

Even Seizures Can't Slow This Sixth Grader: 'Nothing Can Stop Me!'

Last year, seizures forced Benny out of school. This year, he's back in class, with bigger things on his mind: "I finally realized, there's a galaxy of experiences."

In Iran, A Poet's 700-Year-Old Verses Still Set Hearts Aflame

The 14th century Persian poet Hafez remains venerated in Iran, even though he wrote of wine, romance and other topics not necessarily welcome in today's Islamic Republic.

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