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">Lawsuit alleges sexual hazing on university softball team
Bradford Era
The lawsuit alleges that throughout her freshman year and continuing into her sophomore year, she was given demeaning nicknames, harassed and belittled and was "often reduced to tears and began having suicidal thoughts." She said she was eventually ...

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Argentine malbec a rich mouthful — but light on the price
The Denver Post
Elsewhere in France, the two most popular of its several names are "cot" and "auxerrois." Some in France call it "pied de perdrix ("partridge foot") and "coq rouge" ("red rooster"). It is the base (at least 70 percent by law) for the aptly named "black ... (press release) (registration)

In the Wake of the Dream: Lake Dreamland Explored (press release) (registration)
Rumor has it that some junkie kids stripped the place, like they strip most abandoned properties around here, taking whatever appliances were left behind, copper wires out of the walls. Some say the neighborhood has gotten bad .... Frances and her ...

Columbus Crave

Jewish deli Izzy & Mo's ready to open in Victorian Village
Columbus Crave
When it came to planned Jewish deli concept Izzy & Mo's Luncheonette, Till chef-owner Magdiale Wolmark has been uttering some version of “we'll be opening soon” for nearly two years. The opening always seemed within grasp, just a few months away—but ...


The Mother's Day Music Festival will take place this weekend at Kit Carson ...
On Saturday, watch for performances by Pete Martínez, The Dave Maestas Band, Carlos Medina, Tanya Griego, Candace Vargas, Jerome Grant, and the Red Wine Band. Then .... Hurricane has had many nicknames and names for his band over the years.

A.V. Club

Winter Is Coming

Hilarity roundup: Real Housewives of Westeros, Gay of Thrones
Winter Is Coming
Lest you think that it's absurd to combine a serious drama like Game of Thrones with reality fluff like Bravo's Real Housewives series, it pays to remember that the two have been mashed together before. Sophie Turner, who plays the ever-embattled Sansa ...

C. STINNETT: Nestled in a tiny wine shop, a family secret is discovered
Evansville Courier & Press
He and Corner Wine get great reviews on Yelp, including one from the owner of a competing wine shop who wrote that "Gary is such a credit to the wine culture and landscape of Lexington that we encourage our own customers to patronize Corner Wine, too ...

Los Angeles Times

Deep in the heart of Texas bluebonnet country
Los Angeles Times
But it's also a year where some of them got too much rain, which is not good because bluebonnets don't like to get their feet wet," Wickham said, calling them "an ornery flower." Wickham has spent years driving back roads in ... Wickham and Alba also ...

Getting skunked stinks
Napa Valley Register
Our newest addition to the family, our now-66-pound hound mutt we adopted from Wine Country Animal Lovers, can be a wild man. This dog loves to run and chase. One evening last week we took both dogs — Creature Large and Creature Small — out the ...

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