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Sine Qua Non Wines Treated as Masterpieces
"Some people may be thinking these could be his last masterpieces and want to hoard them," said Duncan Bastin, a big fan of Sine Qua Non wines. All told, 196 bottles of Sine Qua Non wines from a West Coast collector sold for an average of $1917 each.

A Mixed Marriage
Commonweal (blog)
They all seemed to have nicknames: Blackie, Shorty, Musty, Bracciole, Shaky, Meat-a-Meat. There was Uncle “Cholly” from Pennsylvania, whose ... On the other side of town, Arturo Vitagliano, a tailor trained in the “old country,” worked in various ...

Todd's Favorite Things 2014: Win a $75 gift card from Michigan Awesome
There is a Michigan Awesome wine and a collaborative beer with New Holland Brewing. This year, Koop focused on offering even more options by putting together gift boxes featuring quality made Michigan edibles, including cherries, preserves and granola.

">Talking turkey: What's in a nickname?
Ashland Daily Tidings
“Just look at the nicknames,” I said. “Ashland goes by Ashlantis, Brigadoon, and sometimes Assland,” True ... The city that keeps shooting itself in the foot?” Josh asked, pouring more Grizzly Peak wine. “Medford gets a bad rap. ... “Some people in ...

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The San Francisco Appeal

">An Extraordinary Life: Joliet woman modeled love and strength for her family
Suburban Life Publications
When her children attended Immaculate Conception School in Morris, Kristina made and sold popcorn on Wednesdays, spurring a second nickname – Popcorn Lady. She also initiated a rummage sale, which she coordinated for 30 years, Susan said.

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