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">Get ready for second half of 'Scandal's' Season 4 with this guide to what's ...
Jake Ballard, Olivia's other boyfriend (Scott Foley): Regained some self-respect by moving out of Olivia's apartment and declaring that he wasn't her boyfriend. Imprisoned and severely beaten by Fitz while being falsely accused of masterminding the ...

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Cambridge News

Whittlesford news - January 23: 40 years of Whittlewomen and a search for ...
Cambridge News
some of the 37 members attending declared. Perhaps it was the fascinating building, ... Perhaps it was the welcoming mulled wine that warmed them all and set the cheery tone from the moment they all arrived? Or was it just the exceptional interest ...

Beer Guy moves on, Got Beer? stays put
Hey, as nicknames go, I'm not sure I can think of a better one. However, during the past almost nine years, I have written thousands of stories ... I will continue to blog about ales and stouts and the occasional wine or bourbon that excite me. And yes ...

How Listening to Music and Fighting with Susan Sontag Helped Me Cope with ...
I had some catastrophic thoughts and some morbid thoughts, and drank a few glasses of wine—a brief and final indulgence. The day after those glasses of wine, I looked at my liver. Well, first I watched my oncologist look at my liver, on digital scans.

Till we meet again?
Visayan Daily Star (press release)
Ninfa Leonardia The country's Number One visitor left yesterday, leaving behind a void that will be felt for a long time by those who had found both hope and inspiration from his coming. Yesterday, morning, Pope Francis boarded Shepherd One, the name ...

How I Got My Expat Nickname
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Perhaps your name involves consonants that don't work in the local language. Perhaps it's just a mouthful by the standards of your adopted home, or spelling it is just tedious and prone to error. Perhaps your name sounds like something unfortunate.

Wall Street Journal (blog)

From 'Baba Mahley' to 'Baobo': An Expat's Quest for the Ideal Chinese Nickname
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The custom started more than a century ago when Chinese names were considered too difficult for Westerners, so Chinese people picked something easy on Western ears (or Westerners forced the names on them). Some young women, I have noticed, like ...

Wall Street Journal

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