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Resolved Question: Rounding decimals to the nearest ...?

8.067 to the Hundreths 178.03 to the tenths 7.48 to the ones 26.138 to the tenths

Resolved Question: Help with Euler's Method in Calculus?

Use Euler's Method with h = 0.2 to approximate the solution over the indicated interval. y' = x^2, y(0) = 0, [0,1]

Resolved Question: Second Order Differential Equations?

(1 pt) Find y as a function of x if x^2 y'' + 5 x y' + 4 y = 0, y(1) = -2, y'(1) = -4. y=

Resolved Question: Marginal Cost Function?

If the total-cost function for a manufacturer is given by C = 6q^2/q+2 + 600 Find the marginal cost function

Resolved Question: Need help with math question?

Here's the question: Determine x such that (x,0,0) will be on the sphere of radius 3√3 with center at (2,3,3). So I have the equation of the sphere: (x-2)^2 + (y-3)^2 + (z-3)^2 = 27 The answer to this question is x=5 or x= -1 I need to know how...

Resolved Question: Jason works for an IT company. Today he is on call to offer technical support to the clients with any network?

Jason works for an IT company. Today he is on call to offer technical support to the clients with any network problems. Jason knows, from previous experience, that he might get anywhere from no calls to 6 calls over the next day. He also knows how li...

Resolved Question: Maths help please, completing the square?

A question on completing the square how would i do a question like this? (5x+2)^2=20 it should come out as x=0 or x=-4 how do you reach that answer tho? thanks for all your help

Resolved Question: Statistics Question - Biology?

"Let the random variable X represent the number of heads obtained when 3 fair coins are flipped. Calculate the mean, the variance, the standard deviation, and the coefficient of variation of X." My biology professor refuses to help me with any homew...

Resolved Question: How do i get to the scanner lamp light?

When I want to scan on the canon MP830, it gets stuck on the adjusting lamp phase. It does not move and no light adjustment occurs. After several minutes, it gives me a scan failed with code 2,178,0. I'm thinking I need to adjust the lamp light by h...

Resolved Question: I have a Canon Canoscan 4200F Flatbed Scanner, and it is giving me an 2,178,0 error, how do I fix it?

It says that the original may not be set, the protective sheet may be put in place, or the lamp needs to be warmed up. The lamp does not need to warm up, I've tried that, and the original is set just fine. Maybe the protective sheet? Does anyone know...

Resolved Question: Evaluating an Exponential Decay Function?

A Radioactive material decays at a rate of 3.6% per year. The amount, y , left after t years can be found by the formula y=yoe -0.0336t. Where y is the original amount <7> and 30 is t. Mt question is I have figured out how to find most of it but the ...

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