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Resolved Question: Is Charles Krauthammer wheelchair bound?

There is also something strange about his face ,did he get his face reconstructed for what ever reason? I have never seen him walk around.

Resolved Question: Which of the following career choices best suits a young man in a wheelchair?

...but still has use of his arms and hands with no brain injury. I'm thinking because of spacial issues. Business Office Administration Respiratory Therapy Ultrasound Technician He needs a career

Resolved Question: Who is the best political commentator on TV?

I think it is Charles Krauthammer. I don't think anyone else comes even close. What to you think? I also like Candy Crowley and Anderson Cooper but they are not in the same league as Krauthammer. The absolute worst is Keith Olbermann.

Resolved Question: Beck ,Rush and the rest aside?

What do libs think of Charles Krauthammer as far as credibility. Reality... The guy is in a wheelchair i doubt he does much porking.

Resolved Question: Who's that guy in the wheelchair on tv?

The one that talks economy and what not. either on fox or cnn or whichever. starts with a k? I need the name for a paper i writing for school. i'm in the college

Resolved Question: What do you all think of FOX NEWS' Charles Krauthammer? Is he any good?

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