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Resolved Question: When I go to it won't let me download?

keeps saying Downloaded File C:\Documents and Settings|John.John-RI6F7DEGH|Application\ Data\Sun|Java\jre1.7.0_21\_java_sp.dll is corrupt. I don't even have a file by that name. Can someone help me please?

Open Question: Java installer is corrupt?

I downloaded the Java installer from , and i get an error message during installation that says the java_sp.dll file is corrupt. What the hell?

Resolved Question: Why won't my computer download Java 7?

I just got my Dell Studio notebook with Windows Vista and the Duo Intel Core fixed. It got the hard drive replaced for the second time. I started installing all the basics and when I got to Java it will go to the Downloading Installer but then it wil...

Resolved Question: Installing Java in Firefox (Corrupt)?

Hi, I'm trying to install the java plugin for firefox. But every time I try, it says downloading java installer, then goes on to bring up the error message ' java_sp.dll is corrupt' I have tried uninstalling all previous versions of java through cont...

Resolved Question: I can't install java, why?

I had my computer cleaned of a virus a while ago and when I got it back, my Java was missing. When I went to reinstall it, an error message popped up saying "Download file C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Sun\Java\jre1.7.0\java_sp.dll ...

Resolved Question: I need help downloading java?

I just bought a new labtop which I soon downloaded java, but encountered this error: C:\Users\Esa\Appdata\Locallow\Sun\Java\jre1.7.0_09\java_sp.dll is corrupt. help pleaseee.

Resolved Question: Why isin't java working?

When ever I go on the website Not Doppler and try to play Dust, it says I don't have Java but I know I do. Then if I go and install it again, it says C:\users\xlr8down\Appdata\locallow\sun\java\jre1.7.0_07\java_sp.dll is corrupt. Also I've tried inst...

Resolved Question: Unable to download JAVA Software?

I have Windows Vista, and every time I click to download here: it starts downloading, then I click Install and it gives me this message: Download File C:\users\(my name) ?\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\(a...

Resolved Question: Jre1.7.0_07/java_sp.dll is courrept?

Today i updated my java and it became courrept, soo pretty much ive tryed uninstalling and re installing and nothing has worked. System is 32-bit widows 7 home pre

Resolved Question: I'm trying to update java, what is this error?

Downloaded File C:\Users\Administrator\Appdata\LocalLo w \Sun\Java\jre1.7.0_07\java_sp.dll is corrupt

Resolved Question: Why can't i install Java on my brand new Lenovo Y570 Ideapad laptop? Please Help?

Okay... here is the jest of my problem... I have tried installing Java no less then like 30 times now on my brand new laptop.... the laptop is Lenovo Y570 Ideapad and got it like a month ago... I tried downloading Java from both Google Chrome and Int...

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