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Resolved Question: New Faucet low water pressure?

I just installed a new Delta Savile 19949-DST water faucet in my kitchen, and the pressure for hot and cold is very low! My valves are fully open under the sink and the faucet is rated at 1.6 - 1.8 gpm fully open. I actually measured the flow, and ...

Resolved Question: Can a new shower-head increase water pressure?

If so, do you have any websites/styles for shower-heads that will help increase the water pressure?? Any advice will help!! Thank you!

Resolved Question: Please help!! Poor water pressure at kitchen sink, tried a few things, what can i do?

I just bought a new moen kitchen faucet, no kinks in the lines, and i checked the aerator. I disconnected the lines to check the pressure from the lines, it is strong at that point which leads me to think it is the faucet or something getting caught ...

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