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Resolved Question: Who has read the book "The Metamorphosis" By Franz Kafka? I Need Help In English Essay Please.?

I need help with an introduction for my essay but i don't know how. can someone help me? I'll really appreciate i! I can only choose one & if you give me a little summary on one of them I'll appreciate it even more! Thanks (: -The family dynamics ar...

Resolved Question: Freakiest Horror Movie of all time - Psychological, not lame?

What is the freakiest most disturbing horror movie of all time that you can think of. Let me just spit out some so you have a idea of what I mean but freaky Session 9 Marty's House of 1000 corpses The Others More based on Psychological, horror m...

Resolved Question: Anime and manga recommendations?

i am looking for shounen manga and anime that has cool animations, awesome storyline, and great fighting scenes. please list them down no bleach, naruto, or one piece or even fma! thanks in advance and one more thing hope that it has more 100 or 200 ...

Resolved Question: Is my horror scene any good?

Short plot summary. My story is about this girl who gives up her heart in order to get into "paradise". This is one of the beginning scenes about the operation. I had to cut stuff out, mostly dialogue. Her voice echoed in the vast, empty darkness t...

Resolved Question: The Host by Stephenie Meyer?

i have finished reading the Twilight Saga and am thinking of reading the Host by Stephenie Meyer, however it looks really hard to understand.. is there a a love story in it and if u have read can u plz just explain what it is about THANKS IN ADVANC...

Resolved Question: Do you know this movie?

I can't remember the title. It starts with this girl with black hair, drawing some sort o symbol into the dirt. It turns out that the girl is evil or something and I think she kills a little boy, but I remember she has telekinetic powers and she thro...

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