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Resolved Question: Xbox Live Sign in problem? Please help!?

Hi, So I've got a big problem with my XBOX Live and Microsoft account. Here's what happens: 1) I turn on the Xbox 360 console. 2) I sign in to my Xbox live account. 3) It prompts me to sign in with my email and password to add security. 4) I enter t...

Open Question: Xbox 360 code 80151011 help?

Ive tried everything, it says sorry there was a problem please try again later it says i need email and password i did that, it works on so please help it hasnt been working

Resolved Question: Can't sign into Xbox live because of Proofs!?

Help! I can't sign onto my Xbox live! I recently logged onto my Xbox when it popped up with a message telling me I have to write my latest email and password, they are defiantly right because I can log onto Xbox on my computer. When I finish writing ...

Open Question: Can't sign in to xbox 360 profile. Error code 80151011?

So for the past week i haven't been able to sign into my xbox. i sign in offline, then when i go to sign in online it tells me it needs me to provide my email account and password for my Microsoft account for security reasons. it then gives me the er...

Open Question: Whats wrong with my xbox live profile? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

Every time I try to sign into xbox live using my xbox live profile it makes me type in my email address & password, the email address & password work on, but every time I try to sign in it makes me type in my email address & my password & t...

Resolved Question: Whats wrong with my xbox????? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

I am using a wireless router & the network I'm connected to has a good 3 bars. But ever time I try to sign in my xbox live account it asks me for my email & password,I am using a hotmail email, but the email address & password work fine on

Resolved Question: Xbox live not working?

Basically my xbox won't sign into xbox live... It normally does, than a couple of days ago it just wouldn't. When I sign in and click 'Connect to xbox live' it says that I need to re-enter my email and password because security has changed or somethi...

Resolved Question: Add security for xbox live error?

I havnt been playing my xbox for about a year now and im logging on today, just bought a new 12 month live card and when i try to sign in to xbox live, somthing pops up and says "add security". So i add in my email address and password but when i do ...

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