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History-Making Philae Lander Faces 'Eternal Hibernation' On Comet

A tweet issued by the European Space Agency today includes a cartoon showing the Rosetta orbiter thinking about its little lander taking a nap on the comet's cold surface.

Inside Pulse

Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Tour Interview With So You Think You Can Dance 12's Jim Nowakowski & Yorelis ...
Inside Pulse
Jim talked about dancing with Yorelis and being choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Yorelis also confessed that the routine was her favourite both on the show and on the tour and that it represented that entire philosophy of the show as it showed that a hip ...

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Awards Show Problem And Product Placement

On this week's show, we break down what entertainment industry awards are for (if anything) and consider the highs and lows of product placement.

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Songs We Love: Slingshot Dakota, 'Lewlyweds'

The keyboard-and-drums punk duo deliver a Valentine about eloping, and then moving in downstairs from hellish neighbor and a host of unwanted guests.

Dance Listings for Jan. 15-21
New York Times
Highlights include Joanna Kotze on Friday evening, Pavel Zustiak on Saturday afternoon, Preeti Vasudevan on Monday afternoon and Sonya Tayeh on Monday evening. Beginning Wednesday, dance's bad girl Ann Liv Young presents “Elektra,” her take on ...

Chelsea Wolfe: Tiny Desk Concert

Last year's Abyss saw Chelsea Wolfe make her metallic tendencies explicit. At the Tiny Desk with just an electric guitar, she takes three songs back to their primal form.

New York Times

After Nearly 4 Months, Porter Ranch Gas Leak Is Temporarily Plugged

The leak was first reported in October; since then, more than 6,000 residents were forced to evacuate the area northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Andy Blankenbuehler, Sonya Tayeh and More Choreographers Lead 10th BC BEAT
Broadway World
Andy Blankenbuehler, Sonya Tayeh and More Choreographers Lead 10th BC BEAT Choreographers have been announced for the 10th BC BEAT on Monday November 9th and includes a powerful mix of Broadway veterans and emerging creatives.

Top Stories: NYC Officer Convicted Of Manslaughter; Astronaut 'Graffiti'

Also: Diplomats agree on a temporary Syrian ceasefire; Uber settles a safety lawsuit for $28.5 million; and while one rare surf competition is cancelled in Hawaii, another is on in California.

New York Times

Sonya Tayeh Strides Into New York's Dance World With 'The Wild Party'
New York Times
The choreographer Sonya Tayeh had been working in Los Angeles for six months, when she presented her agent with a career wish list. It said: “I want to do a musical like 'Spring Awakening.' I want a career like Bill T. Jones” — that show's Tony ...

What Would A Cease-Fire In Syria Mean For Russian Airstrikes?

A plan has been announced for a cessation of fighting in Syria in one week's time. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Staffan de Mistura, the U.N. special envoy for Syria, about what the pause would mean.


Can You Tell Your Ethnic Identity From Your DNA?

It ought to be possible to compare the DNA of a random individual with DNA from around the world to make a call on ethnicity, but there are problems with tests of this kind, says commentator Alva Noë.

LA Weekly

Sonya Tayeh Tells Her Dancers to Keep Their Hair Down. Why Is That So Radical?
LA Weekly
Leaning toward the audience, they sweep their hair over their faces; for most of the next 20 minutes, Los Angeles Ballet's classically trained ballerinas dance with their hair covering their faces during a dress rehearsal for Sonya Tayeh's Beneath One ...

NYC Police Officer Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In Shooting Of Unarmed Man

In 2014, a rookie police officer fired his gun in a stairwell. His bullet ricocheted off a wall and hit Akai Gurley, 28, on a lower floor.

LA Magazine

Swedish Police Officer Docked For Slacking Off On Friday

A Swedish cop chose not to arrest a driver suspected of smuggling alcohol across the border. "It's Friday afternoon," he told his superiors "and we have not intended to work late."

Entertainment Weekly

Kanye West Gives Models Detailed Instructions

Kanye West was busy premiering his album, video game and fashion line. Models were busy too. Before the show he gave them instructions — 38 to be exact. For example, don't ever look at the Jumbotron.

Need A Little Valentine's Day Perspective? These 3 Romances Will Do The Trick

Reviewer Ericka Brooks loves romance novels, but she felt like there was something missing in her collection. So she went looking for books with characters from all different backgrounds.

As The Water Crisis Continues, Flint's Superintendent Looks Forward

While the damage from lead in Flint's water is not yet known, even low levels can be harmful to children. The Michigan city's superintendent of schools says he's bracing for an uncertain future.

Clinton Gets Back In The Game After Blowout Loss To Sanders In N.H.

Bernie Sanders had moments in Milwaukee guaranteed to make his core supporters ecstatic, but he did not dominate the evening as one might expect the 22-point winner of the first primary to do.

Astronaut 'Graffiti' Seen For The First Time In Decades

The crew of Apollo 11 drew a calendar on the wall of their command module, as well as a tribute to the spacecraft, and jotted down numbers and other information from mission control communications.

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